We make money when you make money in Real Estate!
Attention New and Established Real Estate Investors,

I have a challenge for you that will change your life and your business forever.

A challenge where you will get top notch results driven Real Estate Investing Training, BUT WITHOUT THE PRICE TAG!!! A system where I don’t make money until you make money.

It’s a challenge that can simply double, triple or even quadruple what you’re doing right now
I’m Simply Challenging You To…
  •   Go all in on yourself, step up your game and build a better life and a business that fulfills you in just 90 days.
  •    Reduce your workflow, have more time for your family, and start building real wealth in just 90 days
  •   Double the amount of deals you did over the last 90 days
  •   Make a year's salary in the first 90 days of 2019!
I’m Supplying EVERYTHING…
Our Challengers Win Big And Win Often
The last time we did The 90 Day Real Estate Investor Challenge we had investors from all over the United States that were struggling to find deals and many of which had ZERO in their current deal pipeline. Within the first 30 days, using the right systems look at what they did!!!

369 total prospects, 19 deals under contract, 17 properties being rehabbed, 4 homes up on the market to sell, 8 deals under contract to sell and a whopping 32 deals closed IN 30 DAYS!!! This total pipeline of 449 deals being worked by our 107 challengers had exactly $1,683,750 in pure profit and again was built in the 1st month.

Just 90 days prior to getting accepted into this challenge, they were all feeling stuck and lost and honestly on the wrong path. With our help, they found the road to success.
Here's A Few Of Those Past Challengers
Responsible For Working The 449 Deals In Just 30 Days!
Dustin Briggs
Dustin made $189,168.18 Pure Profit On A Legal Assignment Wholesale Deal
Dan Sommers
Dan Sommers Made Over $1,000,000 Using Our Systems
Sue Cornthwaite
Sue Bought for $110,000 and Double Close Wholesale Sold For: $163,000. Gross Profit: $53,000 in less than 7 days. She also has 8 deals closing in the next 30 days!
Let Your Journey Begin...
During the next 3 weeks we’re going to select 100 lucky Real Estate Investors AND we’ll also be challenging our own team to make over $1,000,000 with you AND do 100 deals with you in just 90 days!
This Is VERY Limited
But I’m going to be blunt… WE CAN’T JUST ACCEPT ANYONE FOR THIS CHALLENGE. You have to be a great fit and motivated for us to go all in with you… 
My team and I are 100% serious about taking you where you’re at right now and simply adding a zero to what you’re currently doing… 
Why Are You Even Here Right Now?
  •  You probably aren’t happy with where you’re life and business is at right now
  •  Double the amount of deals you did the past 90 days
  •  Maybe you’re working a dead end job
  •  Maybe you hate your job 
  •  Maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck
  •  Maybe you’re sick and tired of fulfilling your bosses dreams
  •  Maybe you’re working 50+ hours a week but not getting anywhere
  •  Bottom line is you want something better than what you have right now
  •  You might have bought every Real Estate Investing course out there but never did a deal
  •  You might have bought $35,000 or $50,000+ coaching package in the past but again weren’t satisfied and maybe you  didn’t even do a deal 
You’re Here Because You Want Better Results… 
You Want Real Results That Will Last a Lifetime
  •  You’re here because you want to scale what you’re currently doing (Even if you’re doing 100+ deals a year)
  •  You’re here because you want to do more deals
  •  You’re here because you want to make more money
  •  You’re here because you need better systems to win in this “Low Inventory” Real Estate Market
  •  You’re here because you need a personal guide that’s built for you to scale quickly
  •  You’re here because you’re looking for your missing piece
You Need A Proven 90 Day Challenge With…
What Risk Do You Have If You Decide 
To Not Take This Challenge?
1. You already know the results you’ll get if you keep doing what you’re currently doing

2. You’ll invest more time, more energy and more money “Just trying to make it”

3. You’ll wait for that perfect time in your life when all the stars align for you to be successful and you’ll prolong all the success you could be having right now

4. You may never get to experience real freedom

5. You’ll miss out on precious time that you’ll never be able to get back
A 90 Day Challenge That Will Be With You Forever
Who Is This Challenge For?
  •  New or established Real Estate Investors
  •  Investors that are looking to take their lifestyle and their business to a whole new level that they’ve never seen before 
  •  Investors that have a strong vision of where they want to go
  •  Investors who are willing to follow a proven blueprint
  •  Investors who are really motivated to not live a mediocre life
  •  Investors that have the “I’ll do whatever” it takes mindset to be financially free
  •  Investors that are looking to just simply add a zero to what their doing right now
Who Is This Challenge NOT For?
  •  You can’t be negative
  •  You can’t be a taker
  •  You can’t NOT have a vision of where you want to go
  •  You can’t NOT have a burning desire to have a powerful, automated and extremely profitable business
  •  You can’t be a complainer, whiner or blamer (If you always point the finger at someone else other than you)
  •  You can’t always be “The smartest person in the room”
  •  You can’t be in a current Real Estate Investing 1 on 1 coaching program 
If You’re A Fit, My Team And I Are Going All In On You
  •  All of our software is yours
  •  All of our systems are yours
  •  All of our contacts are yours
  •  All of our lenders are yours
  •  We’re going of personally coach you
  •  We’ll hold you accountable
  •  We’ll build you a personal road map for the next 90 days, then beyond
  •  You’ll be apart of something bigger than you and I both combined
The Only Way We Make Money Is When You Make Money
If You’re Accepted, Here’s The Challenge Package
  •  All the tools, contracts, software, systems, personal roadmap, weekly staying on track coaching  
  •  Anything you need to be successful we do
  •  Buyers on Fire (non-public version) for 90 days
  •  Personal 90-day roadmap built just for you
  • Coaching Calls 1x per week
  •  Holding you accountable
  •  Tweaking you on the fly
  •  Keeping you on your custom roadmap
  •  Giving you all the support you need for next week’s mission
  •  90 Day Real Estate Investor Challenge Facebook group
  •  You have full access to everyone else that is taking the challenge with you
  •  All support you need in between weekly meetings will be in this closed group
  •  We help you analyze the deals we help you find
  •  You’ll have unfair access to our private and hard money lenders. There will also be quite of bit of people inside taking this challenge that will be able to lend you money as well. 
  •  50/50 deal splits with us on all deals during the challenge
  •  $2,000 deposit (We give you this back on your first deal split with us)
The Challenge Week By Week
We’re taking applications from December 5th - December 28th on a mission to find the right, qualified new and established Real Estate Investors that are ready to step up their game.
Your 90 Day Real Estate Investor Challenge will officially start on January 2, 2019 and will be ending on April 2, 2019
Pre- Challenge: Pre-Challenge Questionnaire filled out and sent back to our team
Week 1: 2 Webinars finding our what your deal finding strengths really are. Student submits their 2 strongest deal finding strategies they want based on your strengths.
Week 2: Our team builds out each students personal roadmap for the next 90 days all tailored around your 2 deal finding strategies. We divide the big group up into 2-4 buckets based upon your experience level and what exit strategy you want to focus on (Wholesale or Rehab)
Week 3:
  •  Group 1: 
  •  All of group 1 gets on a zoom meeting with John
  •  3-5 members in this group will be on the hot seat
  •  We will help with your gameplan, go through your deal pipeline, analyze your deals, help with funding, track your progress, tweak your systems, answer any question and put you on a better path than you were on the week prior.
  •  Any follow up that needs to be done in between these weekly meetings will all take place in the private Facebook group
  •  If we need to get on emergency 1 on 1 calls during the week we will do that too
  •  Group 2: 
  •  All of group 2 gets on a zoom meeting with John
  •  4-6 members in this group will be on the hot seat
  •  We will help with your gameplan, go through your deal pipeline, analyze your deals, help with funding, track your progress, tweak your systems, answer any question and put you on a better path than you were on the week prior
  •  Any follow up that needs to be done in between these weekly meetings will all take place in the private Facebook group
  •  If we need to get on emergency 1 on 1 calls during the week we will do that too
Week 4-12: This is a repeat of what we do on week 3
You Just Solved Your Biggest Challenge As A Real Estate Investor
  • You’ll find more deals
  •  You’ll get yourself into bigger and better deals
  •  You’ll have the complete road map to your freedom
  •  You’ll start the path to building serious wealth
  •  You’ll learn how to build a Real Estate Investing business that supports you
  •  You’ll start turning all your dreams into reality
This Is By Application And By Interview Only:
We’re taking applications for those who are serious about transforming your business in the 90 days by doing our challenge. Applications are all time-stamped, and we review them in the order that we receive them. The sooner the better since we’ll only accept 100 people with over 1,000 applications expected. The interview slots are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE
Application Process:
You will interview with our program director, who is responsible for getting the right 100 people into this challenge and then we get to work on you January 2, 2019. Our program director will then take the results from your interview and make a decision if you will be a good fit to join the 90 day Real Estate Investor challenge with me. Invitations will then be extended up to 100 motivated, qualified people. No more.
For Those That Qualify, Your Life Will Change