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It Only Takes 90 Days To Completely Transform Your Real Estate Investing Business
It Only Takes 90 Days To Completely Transform Your Real Estate Investing Business
We Provide All The Software, The Systems, The Coaching, The Accountability, The Contracts & Personal Roadmap
We 100% Guarantee You'll Do Real Deals!
There's 1 Reason Why You're Not Doing
The Amount Of Deals You Want To Right Now...
1. You Don't Have What You Need
I'm Going To Give It To You Right Now And I'm Going To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is
So If You Want To Take Your Real Estate Business To A Completely Different Level In 2020 Or If Your "Wanna Be" Business Needs A Reset, You're Exactly Where You Need To Be Right Now!
  • What We're Doing:
  • A COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION / RESET on your Real Estate Investing Business in just 90 days
  • ​​Putting you on the ultimate fast track to making more money than you are right now 
  • The Goal: Make a years salary over the next 90 days
  • How We're Doing It:
  • Giving you all the tools, contracts, software, systems, personal roadmap, weekly staying on track coaching & accountability to make a years salary in the next 90 days!
  • ​Anything you need in order to be successful we do
  • ​Buyers on Fire Explode software for 90 days (non-public version of Buyers on Fire)
  • ​Personal 90-day custom playbook built just for you. (We'll be working Pre-Foreclosure, Landlord and Vacant leads during this challenge)
  • ​Fully stocked resource center with every contract, resource, cheat sheet, system or spreadsheet you'll need to implement your 90-day playbook that we build just for you.
  • ​Coaching calls 2X per week 
  • Holding you accountable
  • Tweaking you and your business on the fly
  • Keeping you on your custom playbook
  • ​Helping you structure deals
  • ​Helping you become a master on the phone with motivated sellers
  • ​Prepping you for your upcoming seller appointments
  • ​Giving you all the support you need to put more deals under contract
  • 90 Day Real Estate Investors private group (Challengers Corner)
  • It's like a Facebook group but way better and without the distractions
  • ​You'll have full access to everyone else that is taking this challenge with you
  • We help you analyze the deals that we help you find in this challenge
  • ​We help you strategically structure the deals we help you find in this challenge to give you minimal risk. (You will be doing traditional deals, subject to's and owner finance deals)
  • You'll have unfair access to private and hard money lenders during this challenge
  • The Requirements
  • You must be an action taker.
  • ​You can't be a quitter. You will DEFINITELY experience some challenges along the way. We'll have to tweak your business in places that aren't getting you results right now!
  • ​10 hours a week to commit to this challenge. 
  • The Challenge Officially Starts:
  • May 11th, 2020
  • Registration Ends:
  • ​When all of our allotted spots are taken 
  • ​​When the timer on this page hits ZERO!
  • What's The Catch?
  • We more than understand what this is worth
  • ​Our motive is simple... We want you to become a long-time user of our BOFX software. It's our belief that when we transform your entire business (in the next 90 days) that you'll keep using the software that made your life so much simpler and worked all your leads 100% for you!
  • The Investment:
  • $90. That's It!
  • ​This is normally priced at $2,000 with 50% deal splits. It's worth every penny of that and our software alone is $1888 a year and we don't allow the general public to even use it. 
  • ​​It's $1 a day. If you won't take action and invest that to get a real transformation in your business, you'll never take action when I get your phone blowing up with seller leads!
  • You're getting all our systems, weekly coaching, accountability, a personal 90 day playbook and every contract, document, cheat sheet resource to do more deals!


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